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Ethos, Vision and Values

Our Ethos

At Abbey Lane, we are passionate about inclusion and we hold a firm belief that every child can succeed no matter what obstacle is placed in front of them. Our curriculum mirrors this and is designed to ensure that all learners achieve, keeping personal development at the heart of what we do. It is crucial for us that we develop the whole child, enabling us to build good foundations for each pupil’s life journey. 

It is one of our main aims that Abbey Lane is the focal point of its community and the children and families within it. 

Our staff possess a strong drive for collective success and this is something that we aim to instil in each of our pupils. We have uncompromising aspirations for all of the children at our school and these high expectations make up an important part of the DNA of Abbey Lane.

Our Vision

The staff at Abbey Lane have a clear vision for all members of its school community:

We want every child to:

  • Feel safe and happy
  • Be inquisitive and develop a love for learning
  • Be a caring, respectful and independent individual
  • Be exposed to, and enjoy experiencing, a broad and balanced curriculum
  • Participate in exciting extracurricular activities
  • Have empathy towards others and value our community and its members
  • Celebrate the achievements of themselves and others
  • Understand the power of self-esteem and growth (and their role in developing this in others)
  • Develop as a well-rounded individual who is ready for life beyond Abbey Lane
  • Develop themselves as human beings and be a force for positive change in the world

We work alongside our staff and support them to:

  • Hold high expectations of learning and behaviour for every child
  • Feel valued
  • Ensure that they have a positive work-life balance
  • Be happy and proud to be part of the Abbey Lane team
  • Develop their skills as practitioners and further their career and passion for education

We strive to ensure that parents and carers:

  • Are part of the Abbey Lane family 
  • Are invited into school regularly
  • Feel welcome when they enter the school
  • Feel supported by school and work in partnership with staff
  • Are clearly communicated with and are well-informed of Abbey Lane news and events
  • Work with us to promote good attendance and punctuality, and understand how this contributes towards their child’s education
  • Understand that the best interests of their children lie at the heart of every decision that school leaders make at Abbey Lane 

We ask our school governors to:

  • Know the school and its community well 
  • Support school leadership in their decision-making and act as critical friends
  • Promote the school and its staff at events and in the wider community
  • Contribute to the vision, ethos and strategic direction of the school

Our Values

At Abbey Lane, every individual is valued for who they are and what they contribute to the school and its community. We feel that this is summed up in our Abbey Lane Core Values:







Please read more about our Core Values on our Personal Development page.


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