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We are incredibly proud of our school, the staff and, most importantly, our children. Don’t just take our word for it though. Please read through a selection of the wonderful feedback that we have received from parents of children at Abbey Lane:

All the teachers seem happy and it’s lovely to have staff on the door smiling and saying hello to the children entering the playground by name. This is the type of school I wanted to send my child to - a friendly, happy place where the children feel welcome to walk into school in a morning and are greeted with a smiley face.’ A parent of a child in Y2.

‘Thank you for the warm and friendly newsletters that we have been receiving; it’s so lovely to read them and see how the children are spoken about it in a positive way.’ A parent of a child in Y2.

I couldn't let this half term come to a close without expressing my deepest thanks to you and your staff for the amazing efforts you make with the children at Abbey Lane every day. My child did not find the first few weeks of school easy. Despite this, you and your staff have offered an ever-friendly face and provided support where needed.’ – A parent of a child in Y1


‘My little boys are in Reception and Year 3 and I just wanted to say how much I am loving the homework sheets this year! It is so incredibly helpful to have the section detailing what they have been learning that week. I cannot thank you enough! I hope these sheets aren't too arduous and I hope they continue because they have been amazing!’ – A parent of children in Reception and Y3


‘To all the teachers and staff who supported the year six production – this evening’s performance was amazing, amazing, amazing. Every single child was amazing. The production was fabulous and so well thought out!! A few parents said how proud we were of our children but also how proud of the school they attend and the staff that have supported them.’ – A parent of a child in Y6

‘Our girls have always been so happy and flourished at the school. They have been well supported in class, encouraged socially and have taken part in lots of enriching activities that help evolve and nurture their characters. The teaching and support staff know the children well and encourage them and their individuality. Politeness, kindness and having respect for each other run through the ethos of the school which is so important to instil now for their future. 

We would highly recommend the school to anyone considering it and the improvements in recent months with plenty of extracurricular activities on offer, childcare provision to help working parents, communication and involvement of families along with the confidence building celebration assemblies and responsibility roles for the older children make it a great school which we are really happy with!’ – A parent of children in Y4 and Y6

I just wanted to show my appreciation for Abbey Lane Primary School, I have watched my son excel in his confidence in the last year. I feel there has been a real positive shift in the school and feel credit is due to the school. 

From the warm welcome at the gates in the morning from teachers, positive attitudes of the office staff, newsletters are full of really useful information given in a high spirt manner. I actually really enjoy the information given rather than just skip to my child’s year group!

I just wanted to say thanks, I feel there is a really healthy balance of learning and fun at the school, my son is really shining and I wanted to share my appreciation – A parent of a child in Y2




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